Administration Options

Administration Options

Sequoia Super can offer a greater suite of services for advisers which can be tailored to the expertise and needs of your group.

Depending upon the technical ability of your organisation you may choose to manage certain functions from your office and leave the rest with us. These functions include:

  • SMSF technical advice and support (Contributions, Pensions, Rollovers and Compliance issues)
  • Tax & BAS lodgement
  • ASIC Agent

In addition we can discuss how we deliver the services to your client, such as:

  • Do we invoice the trustee directly or your firm?
  • When we invoice do we collect your fees?
  • To help reconcile the accounts shall we contact the trustee directly or via your firm?
  • Do you want us to act as the funds Mailbox?
  • We can use our SMSF Software or yours.

Our pricing methodology allows us to support advisers and their trustees how they wish. All accounting and operational work is done in Melbourne and Sydney, shared between our two experienced teams.

Call our office on 03 9209 9777 and speak with Mark or Alex or 02 8114 2290 and ask for Raika.