Products & Services

Products & Services

Below is a complete list of our products and services,
for more detail of what is included in our Administration Services click here.
Products & ServicesAnnual Fee $
Per Month $
Ongoing service1,950162.50
Complex (Options/Warrants/>$3m assets/>3 properties)POA
Independent audit review495
Establishment & Deed Services
SMSF with Individual Trustees1,850
SMSF with Corporate Trustees2,499
New Company Trustee1,000
Property Trust (Bare Trust)995
Property Trust Amendment (Bare Trust Amendment)550
Related Party Loan Agreement995
Reprinting and Posting of Establishment Documents110
Trustee/Member Appointment/Removal360
Trust Deed AmendmentPOA
Change of Trustee550
Pension Services
Account-based Pension Commencement550
Pension Recommencement (same day service)550
Actuary certificate350
Documentation per withdrawal (member over age 60)85
Documentation per withdrawal (member under age 60)195
Other Services
Fund Wind-Up (including all rollover documentation)990
Rollover Documentation (transfer in/transfer out)195
Amendments to Financial Statements370
Provision of Replacement Financial Statements110
Binding Death Nominations and SMSF Minutes110
Assisting with Investment Strategy Template110
Providing documents to a new SMSF Administrator110
Audit Contravention Report605
Assisting with Matters of Non-Compliance or ATO AuditPOA

Notes: The fees quoted in this Schedule (excluding ATO Supervisory levy) include Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Nonstandard assets include but are not limited to: Direct real property, property options, collectables, private unit trusts, unlisted public company shares, private company shares and agriculture. The fee is payable on initial purchase or transfer into the SMSF.

Build Wealth

  • Hold assets in your own fund
  • Buy and Sell at your own discretion
  • Recognise opportunities and be able to act quickly
  • Choose the insurance that’s right for you
  • Buy a residential or commercial property

Enjoy Personal Satisfaction

  • Set your own goals for retirement
  • Educate yourself and manage the fund your way
  • Pay a Pensions when it’s right for you